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Assilah Rugs x White Otter Design Co. Collab Collection

Two Indigenous Crafts Become One

Designed by Indigenous Artist Jaymie | Weaved by Moroccan Artisans  

We are thrilled to announce our first ever collab rug collection. We joined forces with Indigenous beadwork artist Jaymie of White Otter Design Co. to create a special collection of three handmade Moroccan rugs, The Heather Collection. Jaymie’s designs are inspired by her Anishnaabe culture, her family and the land. Her intricate work utilizes traditional Indigenous techniques and natural materials, just as the Moroccan rug weavers’ work depends on Indigenous Berber and Arab techniques and materials native to Morocco. 

While living in Morocco, Assilah Rugs Co-founder and buyer Rahaf fell in love with Moroccan textiles. Her brother-in-law helped her bring some of these products home to share with fellow North Americans who were looking for alternatives to mass produced polyester replicas. We have since built a network of cooperatives and weaving workshops around the country who can customize most designs.

Both crafts are steeped in history. They depend greatly on the passing on of generational knowledge. By supporting these artisans you are helping preserve centuries old Indigenous traditions and supporting the planet with a sustainable home decor choice.

White Otter Design Co. has been featured in The New York Times, Native Business, and other publications. Jaymie’s work has also been showcased across North America, including at the Adaka Cultural Festival, Santa Fe Indian Market and it is an official marketplace selection of the Indigenous Fashion Arts Festival of 2024. 

At Assilah Rugs, we responsibly source unique rugs handmade from natural, biodegradable materials. We work with weavers who follow age old Berber and Arab techniques to create beautiful, luxurious textiles. 

The wool used in this collection is sheared in the spring when it’s at its softest, cleaned, spun, and dyed using all organic products, and weaved knot by knot at a workshop where the female weavers receive fair wages and have great working conditions.

This one-of-a-kind collection of three rugs was designed by Jaymie in Canada and then hand weaved in Morocco by the talented, female artisans we work with. They are available in five sizes. Each rug is made to order and shipped directly from the co-op in Morocco to you!

This collaboration across crafts and cultures was a dream for us that all started when Jaymie walked into our pop-up at Stackt Market. We knew instantly upon speaking to her and seeing her work that we wanted to work with her. This opportunity to support traditional arts and Indigenous women globally was very appealing to us both. Jaymie had always wanted to design a White Otter collection for inside the home, and knowing we shared the same design ethic, respect for the makers, the materials and the planet made the decision to partner easy. We helped bring her vision to life from simple sketches, to these unique, durable, eco-friendly luxurious products. The Heather Collection has been over a year in the making and we couldn’t be happier with the final result. We hope you all love these rugs as much as we do. 

Happy Shopping!

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