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Frequently Asked Questions

I do beadwork sales 2-4 times a year. I will announce on my social media and in my newsletter. I do this because these pieces are mindful slow fashion and take a tremendous amount of work. This allows me to freedom to create pieces when I can, and focus on putting good energy into them and balancing that with rest.

Yes! Please support Indigenous made, not Indigenous inspired. My work is made for everyone and the support is very much appreciated. Supporting our small businesses as Indigenous artists is a great first step, and I hope that you continue your journey to educate, amplify and share.

My hope is for this to be educational. Each one of my pieces is a culmination of sacrifice, hard work, labour and love from many people. I use almost exclusively home tan moose, elk and deer hides. I am learning to tan myself, but I also support those in our communities who are expert tanners and knowledge keepers as a mean to redistribute and support our traditional economies. 2-3 people can spend hours or days hunting, then they have to skin the moose (in one piece), pack it out and transport it. If the pieces have fur or quills on it, this process is duplicated with even more people. We may also then dye some of those materials by hand, or support other Indigenous artists doing so. It takes HOURS to DAYS to clean, dye and sort quills, horsehair and/or furs. Hides can take a few days to a couple weeks to tan if you are working consistently. Physically demanding work that also needs the cooperation of the weather. Most tanners, especially elders are experts at their craft and deserve to be paid accordingly. I cannot tell you how many times I have been brought to tears from exhaustion learning this process. Finished hides cost thousands of dollars. For my part, I design the patterns and then draft the templates. I stitch down each individual bead on every piece I make, no matter the size. I need specific tools - pliers, wax, high end thread and needles, awls, tracing paper and stabilizer. I often add crystals or gemstones, as well as seed beads, delicas, vintage beads (which are 5-10 times more expensive) and high quality plated sterling silver and 24kt gold beads. A jewelry piece can take anywhere from 5-30 hours to complete depending on the size - JUST the beadwork. Then I attach findings (which I have to source, negotiate, test or have manufactured) all made from sterling silver or 14kt gold fill. I then have to photograph, edit and upload all the work. Most of us are making less than minimum wage. I also run my own social media, 1-2 hours a day plus emails. Promoting work, answering messages, collecting payments. I have an accountant, monthly dues for software, websites and app fees. I often pay models and photographers. I buy all my own shipping and packaging material, promo materials and have to have a space that is warm, has power and access to the internet. Any and all selling platforms also collect fees from every sale. When I create these pieces, I do so with the intent of creating luxury, heirloom pieces that I hope will last your lifetime and hopefully pass down to future generations. They are an investment in high-end collectable ART. We spend years perfecting our craft. I only hope to share some perspective here, and deeply appreciate the support.

Everything is sent tracked packet to protect the customer and myself. Yes, international option is available. You will receive a tracking number 2-3 days after your purchase. If you do not please email me.

When working with natural materials and beads, please treat your pieces with care so they can last for years to come. Keep them dry and away from water Do not store in direct sunlight Avoid touching pieces alot because of the oils on our hands

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