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I strive to use authentic products in all of the work that demonstrates connection to land, a way of life and using all parts of the materials. Work features home tan moose, elk and deer hide, porcupine quills, horse hair, caribou and moose hair and furs.

Hides are often sourced as locally as possibly from elders and knowledge keepers who are expert tanners. This helps contribute to a local economy, and ensures community members are compensated fairly for their work. I am also a student of traditional hide tanning and continue to work on my own practice in order to have the knowledge and pass it down to future generations.

Furs are ethically sourced from hunters and trappers who sustainably harvest the animals. I collect and process the majority of my own horse hair and porcupine quills.

All findings used in jewelry are 14kt gold fill or sterling silver. Beadwork features 24kt gold plated beads, sterling silver beads, and often rare vintage and antique beads that can be 50-100+ years old in many cases.


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